D.G.L. Distributors, Inc. is an importer and wholesaler, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, with an extensive product portfolio devoted to wine and specialty spirits from select boutique wineries around the world.


D.G.L. Distributors, Inc. also provides a full range of services which include custom sourcing, import compliance, clearing and fulfillment for the wine and spirits industry. Our clients include restaurants, national supermarket chains, gift clubs as well as international corporations.

With D.G.L. Distributors’ extensive sourcing network and vineyard to retailer services, we are able to offer quality products at any price level to meet all your needs.

  • Control of Brand and Pricing: The majority of D.G.L.’s brands are exclusive, which allows our customers to differentiate themselves from mass produced brands and helps them compete with other retail outlets.
  • Private Product Sourcing: D.G.L. Can source any product and customize it to your wishes. Our vast connections throughout the wine world allows us to target specific needs of our customers to provide them with the products they need to help grow their business.
  • Excellent Service: From sourcing to transportation to delivery, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our attention to detail and willingness to satisfy our clients’ needs is what sets us apart from other wholesalers.

We also offer a unique set of services to out of state wholesalers or wineries!

  • Fulfillment of orders: Does your business have clients asking for your wine in a market where  you have no local distribution? D.G.L. Distributor fulfillment services will allow you to fulfill these orders opening up new markets of restaurants and wine shops. 

Each year, we travel to foreign and domestic locations sourcing wine for our own portfolio as well as for our valued clients. We only purchase wine from producers that care as much about quality as we do. Over the years we have built great friendships with wine makers around the world.
Special Feature

Fransac Pineau des Charentes
Fransac-Roullet is one of the oldest merchants in the Cognac region. The company was founded in 1838 and is to this day owned and managed by the Roullet family.


The traditional French sweet aperitif called Pineau des Charentes has become a big hit around the world. According to legend, during the harvest of 1589, a winemaker accidentally added grape must to a barrel that he believed was empty but in fact contained Cognac. The mixture was returned to the cellars for fermentation and a few years later, the barrel was retrieved and was found to contain the drink that is now call Pineau des Charente.


For the Fransac Pineu des Charentes top quality Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes are used and Cognac stemming from Petit Champagne of Cognac. The result is a soft and round liqueur with blackberry and cherry flavors � it is a perfect start to your parties!